“Two shades of blue – – A row over the colours in Argentina’s flag”

April 22, 2017


I have had so many occasions to view the Argentine flag, but never knew this history.

“The number of canine attacks on postal workers has climbed from 5,581 in 2013 to 6,755 in 2016.”

April 22, 2017



“IWitness is an educational website [with] more than 1,500 full life histories, testimonies of survivors and witnesses to the Holocaust and other genocides…”

April 21, 2017


“[A startup of] Elon Musk…aims to merge computers with brains so humans could one day engage in `consensual telepathy.'” (Updated)

April 21, 2017


Update (20170421)

A very long, cleverly written explanation of the rationale behind this startup:

Neuralink and the Brain’s Magical Future

“Broncos release 2017 schedule”

April 21, 2017