Demolition of Trafalga Family Fun Center in Orem, Utah

Driving to work late Friday (December 18, 2015) morning I was surprised and saddened to observe that the Trafalga Family Fun Center in Orem had been demolished, and that a big piece of heavy equipment was at work finishing up the job.

I have memories over many years of going there to play miniature golf, on dates, or with youth groups from church – – a lot of memories. Located at 168 South 1200 West in Orem, Trafalga was just to the east of I-15, golfer on the two outdoor miniature golf courses would hear cars whizzing by as they played.  There was also on indoor course.

One of my favorite memories was one particular visit there with the youth, and seeing how familiar they were with the place.  We were playing on the indoor miniature golf course, and I was trying to figure out the best way to attack a hole that featured some elaborate structure.  One of the young men stepped up and gave me a tip – – I could avoid the entire obstacle by simply hitting my shot through a wide crack to the side of the structure, a crack that was just tall enough to allow a golf ball to pass under it.

20151220 Trafalga


20151220 Trafalga 2


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