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30 Oct 2007 – BYU Idaho Devotional – Learning through Life’s Trials – Brother Larry Richman, Dir. of Internet & Project Coord. for the Church

June 3, 2017


There is an old Chinese tale of a woman whose only son died. “In her grief, she went to the holy man and said, ‘What prayers, what magical incantations do you have to bring my son back to life?’ Instead of send­ing her away or reasoning with her, he said to her, ‘Fetch me a mustard seed from a home that has never known sorrow. We will use it to drive the sorrow out of your life.’ The woman set off at once in search of that magical mustard seed. She came first to a splendid mansion, knocked at the door, and said, ‘I am looking for a home that has never known sorrow. Is this such a place? It is very important to me.’ They told her, ‘You’ve certainly come to the wrong place,’ and began to describe all the tragic things that had recently befallen them. The woman said to herself, ‘Who is better able to help these poor unfortunate people than I, who have had misfortune of my own?’ She stayed to comfort them, then went on in her search for a home that had never known sorrow. But wherever she turned, in hovels and in palaces, she found one tale after another of sadness and misfortune. Ultimately, she became so involved in ministering to other people’s grief that she forgot about her quest for the magical mustard seed, never realizing that it had in fact driven the sorrow out of her life.” [(Harold Kushner, When Bad Things Happen to Good People, (1981), 110–11.)]

20 Jan 2015 – BYU Idaho Devotional – “Life’s Decisions” – Brother Rick Hirschi Associate Dean, College of Business & Comm

June 3, 2017


As you face this “decade of decision,” may you remember the five P’s of decision making as principles to guide you.

1) Perspective – remember who you are, why you are here and what you can become.

2) Participate – remember that to grow and learn we must act for ourselves.

3) Price – remember that each decision comes at a price and be willing to “lay aside the things of this world, and seek for the things of a better.”41

4) Persistence – remember to endure faithfully to the end.

5) Ponder and Pray – remember the Lord thy God in all things.

“Some three thousand saints lost their lives over the twenty-two years of overland treks to the Salt Lake Valley.”

June 3, 2017

3 Sep 2013 – BYU Idaho Devotionals – – The Promise of Renewal – – Sister Kari Archibald Health, Recreation, & Human Performance Faculty

June 2, 2017

As I continue to prepare for our stake trek, last night I listened to another excellent talk.

My purpose in speaking in devotional today is to testify of our Heavenly Father’s love for us evident in the natural and spiritual laws that govern the power of renewal.  Although we all have the inherent gift of resilience because of our divine nature, we sometimes forget how to renew ourselves.  We have difficulty tapping into that God given gift of spiritual strength and hardiness we all possess.

* * * * *

My father’s great grandparents were in the Willy Handcart Company. Peder and Helena Mortensen had planned to come to Zion with their entire family. As they prepared to come to the Valley of the Salt Lake, the mission president in their native Denmark asked if they would leave their oldest son, Morton (my great great grandfather) to serve a mission. This was very difficult for them because Peder (the father) and the oldest daughter Kristine were disabled and not able to walk well. The family was depending on this eldest son to be the strength in getting the family consisting of 8 children to Utah.  The youngest child was four years old.

The mission president, Hector C. Haight, promised them that “If you will consent to his staying and filling a mission, I promise you in the name of the Lord that you shall every one reach the land of Zion in safety, that God will protect you on the land and on the sea.” They accepted his promise with faith, and it was agreed that Morton would remain in Denmark…

This story is one of resilience and renewal and has taught me another step necessary for spiritual renewal – prayer and faith in the promises of our Heavenly Father.  A resilient person relies on the Lord to help overcome challenges.

Brigham Young University-Idaho Devotional November 24, 2014 – – In Our Extremities – – Lynne Anderson, Curriculum Development Managing Director

May 31, 2017

This evening, in further preparing for my stake’s pioneer trek activity, I listened to this excellent talk.

The entire talk is worthwhile, but a few excerpts:

I remember walking in the crisp North Dakota air before dawn one morning, lamenting my trials, and asking Heavenly Father why He had given me so much to bear. I felt overwhelmed and in deep despair. I couldn’t understand why—when I was trying so hard to be good—life was so difficult and seemed so hopeless. I had reached my extremity.

At that point, there came into my mind these words, “Lynne, if I gave you anything easier, you would just do it yourself, and you wouldn’t come to rely on Me.”

* * * * *

Brothers and sisters, when you feel you have reached your own extremity, when you feel you can no longer pull your handcart any further, the Lord will give you courage and strength beyond your own ability as you come unto Him, obey His commandments with more exactness, serve Him first, trust Him by yielding your heart to Him and abide in Him forever. As you do these things, the cart will begin to push you. The angels will assist you and you will become better acquainted with God as a result.