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“Mr Grieve’s [dialect] maps for `gosh’ in America show this `minced oath’ to be popular not only in Mormon Utah…”

July 10, 2017

“All Alone with Karl Malone – Cereal”

May 25, 2017

“One of Jimmy’s favorite characters in all of sports is Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz. Karl has a very unique take on the world, so Jimmy invited him to talk about life and some of the things that make it worth living in the first ever edition of All Alone with Karl Malone.”

“Sears closing its doors at Provo Towne Centre at end of July”

May 8, 2017

“The Utah Jazz Keep It All in the Family – – The Millers have created a structure that effectively ties the franchise to the Salt Lake City”

May 7, 2017


“Thanks to a complex financial transaction that closed this winter, the Jazz are probably more tied to Salt Lake than any major U.S. franchise is tied to its city . . . [The] Jazz likely aren’t going anywhere. `It’s the asset that brings the community together more than anything besides the Church of Latter Day Saints,’ Haslam said. ‘The goal here was perpetuity.’”

“Most of [Europe’s] sugar is made from beet, thanks to a technique developed in the Napoleonic wars, when [a] blockade hit French cane-sugar imports.”

April 25, 2017

The sugar beet industry played a significant role in the economy of Cache Valley.

See this article The valley’s sweet history by Denise Albiston Feb 6, 2006, and this excerpt:

“Around 1915, Cache Valley’s cash crop was the sugar beet, and that river of white continued until 1979 when the last harvest was plucked and shipped north into central Idaho. For more than 50 years, cultures, communities and families rotated with the crop, harvesting in mid-September through late November.”