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“In 2015…428,000 children were in foster care, compared with 397,000 in 2012…`The main reason…is the opioid epidemic…'”

June 23, 2017

“UTAH VALLEY EVERYDAY HERO Utah Valley Everyday Hero: Springville student recognized for helping prevent friend’s suicide”

May 24, 2017

“In [the U.S.] the consumption of soda per person peaked in the late 1990s, at nearly 53 gallons per person, and [is now] about 75% of that level.”

May 21, 2017

“1kg of fentanyl costs around $4,000…and yields profits of $1.6m on the streets…1kg of heroin costs around $6,000 [and yields] a few hundred thousand dollars.”

May 19, 2017

“…`psychonauts’, mostly educated young men, excited by the chance to ingest new substances and discuss their explorations with others…”

May 19, 2017