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August 7, 2017

This morning’s reading reminded me of the backboard-shattering slam dunks of Darryl Dawkins, and how he would create such fantastic names for them. (See Darryl Dawkins
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This is the relevant excerpt from this morning’s reading experience:

JOHN VANAK: The game was in Raleigh— Pittsburgh against the Carolina Cougars. [Charlie “Helicopter” Hentz, a 6-foot-6, 230 pound player from Arkansas AM&N] went up for a slam and just tore the rim right off. I mean, you’d have thought the whole arena was coming down. He had a powerful one-handed tomahawk slam. It really was a sight. The first time it happened— yes, I said the first time— was late in the first half and they held up the game for an hour, but eventually found another rim and backboard. But in the second half, the same damn thing happened again. Helicopter went up for a dunk and I said to myself, “Oh, no, not again.” Sure enough, he broke another backboard. Now I knew we were in real trouble. Where were we going to find another backboard? It was about 11 at night. (Cougars GM) Carl Scheer wanted to call off the game and then replay it with a big promotion— Broken Backboard Night or some such thing. Jack McMahon was coaching Pittsburgh and he said he didn’t care if we had to wait until 3 A.M., we were going to finish the game. They brought in a wooden backboard from a local high school and we did finish, probably about 3 A.M. I had worked in the NBA since 1960 and I had never seen one backboard smashed, and the Helicopter did it twice in a night.

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