Contract Law: From Trust to Promise to Contract by Harvard University (Updated)

I’m just starting this online course.  I enrolled when it was offered earlier this year, but did not finish, and this time around intend to see it through, even if my schedule gets out of control.

If you ever wanted to learn about contract law, or more about contract law, you may want to consider this online course, which can be taken free of charge.  The professor (Charles Fried) is excellent.

Update (20170718)

One of the things I like about Professor Fried is that he provides rich illustrations of the concepts he teaches, drawing on areas outside of the law, which broadens my perspective and interests.  In a lecture I just listened to, he used the following two paintings:

Eakins, The Champion Single Sculls (Max Schmitt in a Single Scull)

Lorenzetti, Allegory of Good and Bad Government

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