Brigham Young University-Idaho Devotional November 24, 2014 – – In Our Extremities – – Lynne Anderson, Curriculum Development Managing Director

This evening, in further preparing for my stake’s pioneer trek activity, I listened to this excellent talk.

The entire talk is worthwhile, but a few excerpts:

I remember walking in the crisp North Dakota air before dawn one morning, lamenting my trials, and asking Heavenly Father why He had given me so much to bear. I felt overwhelmed and in deep despair. I couldn’t understand why—when I was trying so hard to be good—life was so difficult and seemed so hopeless. I had reached my extremity.

At that point, there came into my mind these words, “Lynne, if I gave you anything easier, you would just do it yourself, and you wouldn’t come to rely on Me.”

* * * * *

Brothers and sisters, when you feel you have reached your own extremity, when you feel you can no longer pull your handcart any further, the Lord will give you courage and strength beyond your own ability as you come unto Him, obey His commandments with more exactness, serve Him first, trust Him by yielding your heart to Him and abide in Him forever. As you do these things, the cart will begin to push you. The angels will assist you and you will become better acquainted with God as a result.

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