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“Facebook and Google…confirmed…they were…defrauded out of $100 million by a Lithuanian man…posing as a major hardware manufacturer and tricking the companies into wiring money to his bank account.”

May 5, 2017 A Rare Journey Into the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, a Super-Bunker That Can Survive Anything

May 5, 2017

I took a tour of this place one weekday evening when I was in high school, a Church youth activity.

Just as I remember it:

“The tunnel curves ahead of us, a skew that will route nuclear (or whatever) material and send it out through the south entrance. The blast doors that lead to the complex’s buildings branch off from the tunnel at around 90 degrees, so any material will glance off rather than slam into them.”

“Because it’s not enough for the mountain’s welded-metal buildings to sit on springs that can take a nuclear or earthquake hit, which they do . . . “

“A New Yorker editor picks 7 of his favorite Jewish cartoons”

May 5, 2017

Got these from a friend today . . .

“Red Miller, former Broncos coach who guided team to first Super Bowl, selected to Ring of Fame – – Miller led Broncos to Super Bowl XII, their first in franchise history”

May 5, 2017

This articles brings back some great memories . . .