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“I was sitting at the defense table…when I suddenly hear this scream…I look over and my client has opposing counsel by the throat.”

April 17, 2017


Brosnahan was defending a man in a civil tax recuperation case in federal court.

“I was sitting at the defense table, making notes for my closing argument, when I suddenly hear this scream,” says Brosnahan. “I look over and my client has opposing counsel by the throat.”

Brosnahan rushed over to pull his client off the lawyer. The federal judge hit the panic button under the bench, causing U.S. marshals to storm into the courtroom, weap­ons drawn.

“The defendant is trying to kill the tax attorney,” the judge yelled out.

The marshal paused, holstered his gun and, in a calm voice, responded, “Judge, that’s only a misdemeanor.”

“We won the case, but my client still went to jail for six months for attacking the tax attorney,” says Brosnahan.

“HEART OF A RAVEN An aneurysm took Konrad Reuland’s life at just 29 years old, but he gave the gift of life to Hall of Famer Rod Carew through the donation of his organs.”

April 17, 2017

An inspirational and well-told story.

“[Each] locker of University of Texas football players is equipped with a 43-inch flat-screen TV and has a cost per locker of $10,500.”

April 17, 2017

“One Text Or Call Could Wreck It All” – – Message on Utah Department of Transportation Message Board Over I-15

April 17, 2017

More information here: “Man cries at thought of going to Cub Scout pack meeting after surgery”

April 17, 2017

A timely article and video, as a colleague of mine recently had a colonoscopy, and beforehand was somewhat concerned about what he might say as he came out of general anesthesia, though his understanding is that these post-procedure utterances are random and are no indication of what a person really thinks . . .