Million Cups Provo: WeFeel

This morning I saw this company present:

“WeFeel is an application that runs on your mobile device, your computer, or over a web browser. It allows you to create entries throughout the day which include your current emotional state, life outlook, a journal entry, goal progress and up to four custom items you would like to track. (We think you should track your Awesomeness level.) If you want to, you can share this information with someone else; for example a mental health professional, social worker, or family member.The WeFeel app allows you to quickly select the emotions you are feeling at the time, give a scale to the intensity, add a journal entry or track custom items if you want and hit submit. The whole process takes less than a minute and requires as few clicks as possible. The app can also remind you to enter information throughout the day, either randomly or according to your schedule.”

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