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“Today Google and Facebook control around three-fifths of spending on digital ads in America, and their share is only expected to rise.”

April 3, 2017

“In villages [it] occupied [IS rigged with explosives everyday objects]– loaves of bread, teapots, fridges, vacuum cleaners and computers…”

April 3, 2017


In villages once occupied by IS, civilians desperate to restart their lives are returning to find their homes, streets and fields riddled with bombs. IS has rigged everyday objects to trigger explosions powerful enough to bring down buildings—loaves of bread, teapots, fridges, vacuum cleaners and computers have all been rigged with explosives. Bomb-disposal teams have found dolls fitted with motion sensors, lights that explode when switched on and water taps that set off charges when opened. Others are less sophisticated: a hand-grenade, pin removed, placed in a glass balanced on top of a door.