“NFL approves Raiders’ relocation to Las Vegas” (Updated 3x)


Franchise re-locations, ridiculous public spending on stadiums and arenas, huge player contracts, lack of continuity in team rosters, all these things make professional sports of increasingly less interest to me.  Some of the same underlying factors also infect college sports (except is it the coaches who make tons of money and move from school to school, the players are cannon fodder), making that world less interesting as well.

Update (20170330)

The Oakland Raiders Sack the Taxpayers – – It’s time to stop stadium financiers from exploiting a tax-code loophole that lets them use municipal bonds.

Update (20170401)

wsj:  Raiders Exit a Loss For Oakland Workers, Touchdown for Taxpayers – – 
Expenses include stadium renovations from the 1990s


Local taxpayers have been losing about $1 million a year on the team’s lease agreement, said Scott McKibben, executive director of the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum Authority…

“The best kind of sports facility is an arena with an NBA team that is integrated with a downtown area,” said [Roger Noll, a Stanford University emeritus professor of economics]. “Anything less than that, it at best breaks even.”

Update (20170427)

Tom Hanks going on ‘NFL moratorium’ over Raiders move

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