“The mayor of Taichung has called on Mormon missionaries to [help] his city…become an inviting location for international business and tourism.”


On a business trip to Beijing before the 2008 Olympics, I went to a meeting of an ex-pat ward of the LDS Church there.  A young man attending the ward said he had two jobs in China, one of which was correcting bad English on signs to help Beijing prepare for the Olympics.

I actually enjoy seeing those signs written in bad English, and it seems rare that an English speaker cannot figure out the intended meaning of such signs.

Oh well . . .


“To be an international city we must have accurate English signs,” says Jason C. Hu, mayor of Taiwan’s third-largest city. While most of Taichung’s business, public and government buildings and locations are marked by signs in both Chinese and English, the English translation of the Chinese is sometimes awkwardly worded for a native English speaker.

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