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“Jabari Parker deserves better than another terrible knee injury – – With his latest ACL tear, Parker, on the verge of an All-Star career, has to do the impossible twice”

February 13, 2017

Really sad to see this.

He showed great strength coming back from his earlier injury, and hopefully he’ll be able to persevere again . . .

“The AI Threat Isn’t Skynet. It’s the End of the Middle Class”

February 13, 2017


In the US, the number of manufacturing jobs peaked in 1979 and has steadily decreased ever since. At the same time, manufacturing has steadily increased, with the US now producing more goods than any other country but China. Machines aren’t just taking the place of humans on the assembly line. They’re doing a better job. And all this before the coming wave of AI upends so many other sectors of the economy…McAfee pointed to newly collected data that shows a sharp decline in middle class job creation since the 1980s. Now, most new jobs are either at the very low end of the pay scale or the very high end.