Faith Is Not Blind – – Devotional given at Brigham Young University-Hawaii – – 24 January 2017 – – Bruce C. Hafen Emeritus General Authority

An excellent talk by my former professor and his wife.


So as we grow in experience, we will probably encounter some distance between the ideal and the real. Let’s call it “the gap.” We can see the gap in our personal experience, in our Church experience, in the scriptures, and in just trying to survive in today’s world. Indeed, some degree of uncertainty in managing that gap is actually part of the mortal plan, as symbolized by the mists of darkness in Lehi’s dream. Some parts of mortality are certain and clear, of course, as symbolized by the iron rod. But the distance between where we are and where we want to be—the “gap”of uncertainty–remains. Let’s talk now about three different levels in dealing with that gap . . .

Understanding these three levels in dealing with uncertainty can help us solve all kinds of problems. This model applies to many realms of personal discovery and growth. But for today, let’s just apply it to dealing with criticism of the Church in the Internet age.

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