DVDs on RedBox that My Parents Might Want to See (December 27, 2016)

I gave my parents a Redbox gift card for Christmas.  This gift card is used by making online reservations at a specific kiosk and then picking up the DVD at the kiosk.  This requires setting up a Redbox account, entering the gift card information in the account, and associating a credit card with the account (the credit card has to be swept at the kiosk when pickup up the DVD).  All of that is done, but I’m also helping my parents reserve DVD’s, and am making them aware of films on Redbox they may want to see.

Below are films for my parents to consider for this week, linked to the redbox.com wepage for the film (which typically includes descriptive information and a video preview).  My criteria (which I apply with some flexibility) for films making this list are: 1) available in DVD format (my parents do not have a Blu-ray player); 2) rating of PG-13 or lower; 3) IMDb rating of about 6.5 or higher (with a significant number of viewers); 4) subjective assessment of whether the film would potentially appeal to my parents.

I’ll try to update this weekly – – I understand Redbox updates its portfolio of available films at 12:00 am each Tuesday.

The Magnificent Seven (2016)

Dark Horse

Dad’s Army

Florence Foster Jenkins

Harley and the Davidsons

The Great Gilly Hopkins

Me Before You


Now You See Me

Miracles from Heaven

The Confirmation

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