The Colorado Pancake House


Scott Jones, photo bomber.

4 Responses to “The Colorado Pancake House”

  1. Helena Says:

    Merry Christmas~~my old friend!

  2. Helena Says:

    Thank you…I am doing good. I work as sales manager for a Taiwan furniture factory in Vietnam. All of my customers are in the US such as Ashley, Intercon, Rooms to go…and some importers.So, I have chance to attend High Point Show in NC state once or twice a year. Also, this job allows me to go back home for 8 days every 3 months. I enjoy my job and work in VN~ new place, new people, and different culture.

    I believe everything is going well to you even you don’t share too much in your blog. Oh, by they way, hopefully you don’t feel to sad that I didn’t follow your blog. Just found it a couple weeks ago.

    Take care and have a wonderful holiday!

    • gregjonesorg Says:

      Hi Helena, I am glad things are going so well for you. It sounds like you have a very nice job and also works well for your personal and family life – – the fruits of much effort on your part, I believe, to have develop your talents and skills to qualify for such a position. Vietnam is one country I have never been to. I know that a few years ago more United States companies were starting to offshore more work there because Vietnam was for some industries able to provide needed services or goods at better prices than low cost provider countries such as China and India. I am doing pretty well. You are right, though, I do not really write much about my personal life on my blog – – I do that by choice, I mainly share things that may be of general interest to others, and sometimes that will include some things from my personally or my family. Now I know that my “vast readership”includes someone in Vietnam! Thank you Helena for your kindness and posting your comment. I hope things continue to go well for you and that you have a great year in 2017.

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