“Judge a man by his questions, rather than his answers” – – Voltaire (Updated)


This caught my attention on the way to the gym this morning.

What does it mean?

Update (20161221)

So, this morning on amazon.com I came upon this book for the first time:

The Book of Mormon Made Harder: Scripture Study Questions by James Faulconer

Description:  Latter-day Saint philosopher James E. Faulconer’s Made Harder series raises many more questions than it answers. And that is precisely the point. Faulconer wrote The Book of Mormon Made Harder on the premise that our scripture study is only as good as the questions we bring to the endeavor. While many books about the Book of Mormon provide useful shortcuts, chapter synopses, timelines, and memorizable bullet points, this book consists almost entirely of challenging questions (with occasional commentary for clarity’s sake) because, in Faulconer’s experience, questions themselves are the key to reflective and deep scripture study. This book is intended to make reading harder—and therefore fresher—by priming your pondering pump with insightful study questions.

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