“John Madden talks Thanksgiving, his health, Raiders rise, 49ers fall, NFL TV ratings – – Hall of Fame coach talks up Raiders status, ponders 49ers plight”


A tremendous interview, covering a wide variety of topics from this Madden’s career.


On one of your first games in Miami was against Lombardi, right — in 1967, known now as Super Bowl II?

“That was in the Super Bowl. They didn’t call it the Super Bowl. We didn’t know what the heck to call the game. It was the AFC-NFC Championship. I was an assistant at that time and John Rauch was the head coach. I was a linebacker coach and I was thinking, ‘Man.’ I looked across the other side of the field and I saw Vince Lombardi. ‘I said this is the biggest day in my life. I’m coaching against Vince Lombardi.’ I was the linebacker coach and we called the defenses then through the middle linebacker, and Vince Lombardi is calling offensive plays. Vince Lombardi was always my hero and I tried to pattern my coaching style with his — not my personality style — the way he believed, ‘We’re going to run the ball, and we’re going to run the ball better than you can stop it, so we’re going to keep running until you do.’ ”

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