Origin of the Term “Patent Troll”


I was checking out Reddit today, and found this article on patent trolling.


One lawsuit in particular made Peter Detkin so mad that he called the lawyer who filed it a “patent extortionist.” The lawyer turned around and sued Peter Detkin for libel. So, Detkin needed a better name.

Detkin: So I had a contest inside Intel. The contest itself was named “The Terrorist.” And the suggestions, we got a lot of suggestions but none really fit. But, at the time my daughter was four or five and she liked playing with those troll dolls. The original one, in fact, is still in my office. And so I turned to her and said, “Oh, the story of a troll kind of fits ‘cause the whole Billy Goats Gruff thing, it’s someone lying under a bridge they didn’t build, demanding payment from anyone who passed. I said, “How about a patent troll?”

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