Melva’s Last Supper – – “Would you like to try to take the sacrament?” I asked my dying mother – – By Cheryl Harward Wilcox

“Today’s lesson is an article by Cheryl Harward Wilcox,” announced my home teaching companion during our visit with a family today.

He was just about to start reading when I stopped him.

“Wait a second, what was the name of the author, what Wilcox?”

Sure enough, the author is my companion’s mother.

As he then began to read, I realized I had already read the article myself, but I had paid too little attention to the name of the author to realize there was a possible connection.

In a way I am glad I did not know of the connection when I read the article.

I had been able to read without any bias due to friendship with the author and her family, I had been able to objectively appreciate the article as effectively conveying a meaningful message in a memorable way.

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