Musana / Fair Kind

Two related companies that presented at One Million Cups in Provo, Utah.  Really cool.

From Musana’s website:  Our model is to empower women to provide opportunities for their children, creating a generation of change. Working with women in developing countries gets at the root of breaking the cycle of poverty. Women are often the sole providers for their families, and yet there is little work available for them. By employing mothers, we empower them to break the cycle of poverty and create brighter futures for their children.

From Fair Kind’s website:  We source handmade products from artisan groups in developing countries. By combining artisans’ skills with design trends and client customizations, we provide uniquely beautiful products. Engrained in each product is the story of the artisans who made it.

From today’s presentation:  We provide work for artisans in developing countries.

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