The LDS Church and Pokemon Go: “Popular Mobile App Brings Visitors to Church Facilities”

Today I attended the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Friday Forum held at Zions Bank Building, Rock Canyon Room, 180 N. University Ave, Provo.

Here is the description of the event:  “Have you seen the unusual influx of crowds of teens, kids, and adults alike, gathered in public places, all staring down at their phones? Have you yourself rolled your eyes and shook your head, annoyed at the crowds of people standing outside your business? Join us at August Friday Forum with Adam Durfee from Wallaroo Media to learn why this PokemonGo craze is a prime opportunity for your business, and how you can turn these gamers into your newest customers. Don’t miss out!”

Adam Durfee gave an excellent presentation. To illustrate how one organization has responded to Pokemon Go, Durfee gave the example of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  All its temples in the United States were designated as Pokemon “gyms” the instant the app was launched, as were other Church facilities.  Church leaders began to notice people showing up at these locations – – Pokemon Go players.

The Church considered the matter, and wanted to make sure the players were made welcome.  In fact, on July 15, a message on this topic was posted on the Church’s website, Popular Mobile App Brings Visitors to Church Facilities.


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