“Can Klingon be used in unofficial Star Trek films? Fans hope to make it so – – The creators of an unauthorized, crowdfunded Star Trek film are fighting with studio executives, saying the language exists independently and is fair to use” (The Guardian)



Randazza argued that Klingon has escaped its creators thanks to the “thousands of people” who have made it “an actual living language”. Paramount could own a dictionary or dialogue from a script, he argued, but not a language used by Star Trek fans and others at conventions and colleges, in books and TV shows, and even during weddings.

“It would not take a Vulcan to explain their logic – even the Pakleds would know that nobody can ‘own’ a language,” Randazza wrote. Reaching back to the argument that no one can copyright a system of words, he called Paramount’s claim that no one speaks Klingon “absurd”.

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