Journal Writing

I need to improve in this area. President Spencer W. Kimball urged members to keep journals.  It is not mentioned as much today, but I believe the counsel still applies.

2 Responses to “Journal Writing”

  1. Suzanne Tye Says:

    You’re absolutely RIGHT, Greg, about the importance of journaling. One of our prophets said that the dullest ink is far better than the brightest memory, and that’s the truth. The things we capture in writing, such as special spiritual experiences, our personal sacred pearls, personal revelation which the Spirit impresses us to record; even certain Priesthood Blessings and the promises, counsel, and assurances given to us therein, will one day be completely beyond priceless……. not only to our families, our posterity, but even just to OURSELVES, later on in our lives. These writings, personal revelation, given to us from our Father in Heaven, through His Holy Spirit, really is PERSONAL “scripture”, and could really strengthen US and our children, later on during times of trials.
    Elder Richard G. Scott said that when we journal/write down these precious pearls of personal revelation, we are quite literally SHOWING, or demonstrating to, our beloved Father in Heaven, that we treasure and cherish His gifts and His counsel. Therefore, we are far more likely to receive future and further inspiration through His Holy Spirit, than if we choose to ignore the prompting to record our spiritual impressions.
    It is WELL WORTH IT, when we receive pure light and knowledge, strong spiritual impressions, or even particularly spiritual DREAMS, to make the effort, and record these sacred spiritual pearls, in our journals. I have a little “Spiritual Journal” for keeping a record of spiritual experiences, and sacred personal pearls. I’ve also taught our three sons, Seth, Jacob, and Daniel, to do likewise.
    Seth ( in SPAIN now ) and Jacob ( in St. LUCIA, West Indies, now ) BOTH serving their Missions, tell me that they ate trying to make a little time to record the wonderful, sacred experiences which they are being blessed with, as they each try very diligently serve the Lord with ALL their hearts, might, minds, and strength.
    Excellent topic, Greg, and one I happen to feel quite passionately about !!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, GREG !! I PRAY that you will be RICHLY BLESSED with each and every righteous desire of your heart, this year !!!
    I’d love to hear from you, and find out what big accomplishments you’ve been up to !!! 🙂
    Sincerely —-Suzanne Tye

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