Being Stopped by the Police

I live about 1.8 miles from the gym where I work out.

It was very early in the morning, and still very dark outside, when I put on my cold weather running gear, put in my earphones to listen to The Economist, and headed out for the gym, in frustration planning to walk most of the way, as I am currently trying to slowly make my way back from an injury to my right knee.

About a half mile from my home I faintly heard a voice behind me (I was focused on The Economist article I was listening to), then realized someone may have been calling out to me.  I stopped, turned, and was surprised to see a police officer there.

He kind of sized me up, asked what I was doing in the neighborhood, asked where I was going.  He seemed satisfied with my responses, explained that someone has been breaking into cars in the area, and he he let me proceed on my way.  It was then that I realized there were three patrol cars within a half-block area.

A little break from my regular routine, but it was good to see the police out and about in response to a neighborhood’s concerns.

On my way home from the gym, I came upon another patrol car, and saw the officer talking to a woman who was standing by her car in her driveway – – one of the break-in victims?

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