“In First Novel, Former Hostage Ingrid Betancourt Tells A Story Of Captivity” (NPR)

I listened to this interview during my drive from the Provo Temple to the recycle bins at Kiwanis Park.  Fascinating. I was immediately interested when I turned on the radio at this point of the program “…that makes her different from the millions of Argentines who say they don’t know about the detentions, disappearances, tortures and murders by which Argentina’s military government ruled and quashed dissent in what is known as The Dirty War.”


On her life after captivity

I’m doing fine. These years after my liberation were years of reconstruction and I think I made the right decisions. … I mean, I lost everything: my life; my father died; I didn’t know anything about my children. And when I was in this jungle alone and thinking of my life and trying to summarize the good and the bad, I thought the only thing that is important in my life that I don’t want to lose are my children. I mean, I want to be a mom again if I have the opportunity. So when I came back, that’s what I did. And my reconstruction has been first and above everything reconstructing the link, the relationship, the love — but more than the love, the intimacy and the proximity with my two children. And I’m very, very lucky because after seven years I think that’s something we all have achieved and it makes us strong.


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