David Bowie (Updated)

Last night, sitting in a laundromat, I enjoyed watching these videos on my computer.  And, this morning, during my workout and on the way home from the gym, listening to an obituary from The Economist ( Obituary: David Bowie – – Starman Jones — David Bowie, musician, actor and icon, died on January 10th, aged 69).

Update (20160123)

Listening to The Economist this morning during my workout, I heard a letter to the editor from a cousin of David Bowie, who in part stated:  “I was grateful for the insight and sensitivity in your obituary of David Bowie (January 16th). But it is not true that he `grew up as David Jones, a sharp-toothed kid from dull suburban Bromley whose parents held no aspirations for him’. David’s parents, especially his father, `John’ Jones, encouraged him from the time he was a toddler. His mother, Peggy, spoke often of our deceased grandfather, who was a bandmaster in the army and played many wind instruments. David’s first instruments, a plastic saxophone, a tin guitar and a xylophone, were given to him before he was an adolescent. He also owned a record player when few children had one.” (http://www.economist.com/news/letters/21688839-letters-editor)

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