“A toilet that does not need water, a sewage system or external power but instead uses nanotechnology to treat human waste, produce clean water and keep smells at bay . . . ” (Reuters Thomson Foundation)


But for Bill Gates, would people be working on this?  Good for him!

It does occur to me that it would be interesting, ironic, and a boon to his legacy, were Gates to have his foundation put some resource behind economic and legal reforms to counter the ill effects of monopolistic and anti-competitive conduct in the marketplace.

It would take some courage and integrity.  When he has ventured into the area of “income inequality” he has received criticism for “[excluding] himself, saying that entrepreneurs who build their own wealth should be excluded from [the income inequality] calculation . . . “(See Economist: Bill Gates Hypocritical on Income Inequality)

Excerpt from the Reuters article:  Cranfield University is developing the toilet as part of the global “Reinvent the toilet Challenge” launched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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