NPR: ‘Approaching Ali’ Offers Unmatched Personal Account Of Boxer’s Life Beyond The Ring

I caught a portion of this show on my drive to the Provo temple this morning.  One thing I heard but which did not make into the article:  Ali said the motive for his generosity is that he has to make up for having been treated so many people so badly.

Excerpt:  “He surely does not want anybody to feel sorry for him. I think he’s become a greater man in his years with Parkinson’s. I think it’s actually served him well that he doesn’t speak easily anymore, because if he did, we’d still be hearing this sweetly insane narcissist who just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Instead, he’s become this ‘whispering muse.’ And he’s aware of every bit of that and he considers the Parkinson’s disease a sort of gift. He says that the way he’d like to be remembered is as an enormously generous person.”


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