Deseret News: “A look at 60 historic Mormon tabernacles”

The Deseret News just published a couple of articles about tabernacles constructed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:  1) A glimpse into the history, highlights and legacy of Mormon tabernacles; 2) A look at 60 historic Mormon tabernacles.

Some tabernacles that are of particular interest for my family:

1. The “new” Salt Lake Tabernacle – I believe some of my ancestor’s assisted in its construction (need to double check my family history).

2. The Logan Tabernacle – – My ancestors immigrated to Cache Valley in the 1800s, my parents attended meetings in this building as children and youth, and certainly other ancestors and relatives participated in a variety of events at the building.

3. Assembly Hall – – Well, this probably does not belong on the list.  The only relevant I am aware of is that I have attended many meetings and musical performances in this building.

4. Summit Stake Tabernacle (aka Coalville Tabernacle) – Some of my ancestors immigrated to Coalville from England.  Ancestors and relatives of mine were among those who were outraged when this tabernacle was torn down.

5. Smithfield Tabernacle – – This was so close to Newton, where my father was born and raised, that I include this building on the list based on the assumption that ancestors and relatives would unavoidably have attended some activities in this building.

6. Utah Stake Tabernacle (aka Provo Tabernacle) – – My law school convocation was held here, and I attended enough stake conferences, firesides, concerts, and theatrical events in this building that I was among those who were greatly saddened when it burned down.

7. Wellsville Tabernacle – – Another building I include on this list solely because of its proximity to ancestors and relatives, in this case ancestors of my mother, who lived in Petersboro.

8. American Fork Alpine Stake Tabernacle – – This probably dose not belong on this list.  I’ve attended a number of events in this building, including a fireside at which Clayton Christensen spoke.

9. Hollywood Stake Tabernacle – – This is on the list because my father served in the California Mission in the 1950s, and in all likelihood would have had occasion to meet in this building. This may be the building in one my father’s old mission photos, a building we have not been able to identify.

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