Hero Run


After going to the Provo Temple this morning, I went by Kiwanis Park make a drop at the recyle dumpsters, and saw a couple in Superman suits, the man’s with a cape, gathering with other costumed runners at the pavilion.

Description from webpage:

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. As children, our heroes usually came in the form of Superman and Ironman, sports athletes and celebrities. As we get older, our perspective changes…and so do our heroes. This race is for those everyday heroes that we know and come in contact with. Whoever your hero may be, come race with us and dedicate your run to them. Who knows, someone just might be dedicating this run to you.
We want people to have fun while running and invite everyone to dress up as their favorite superheroes to run the race. Each runner will also have the opportunity to write down the name of the hero they are running for on their race bibs as a way to dedicate the race to that person. Hero Run wants to make each participant a hero in themselves by having a portion of the proceeds go to Friday’s Kids Respite. Not only will you be running for a hero, you will be a hero. We hope to see you there!

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