Church All Day – – Life Before the Block Schedule in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

I have all of my father’s pocket-size stake calendars that our LDS stake in Colorado would make each year.

This morning I took a look at the ward meeting schedule from 1974 – – above (apologies to the Littleton 2nd Ward, you got cropped out of the image).

So, in 1974 my Littleton 1st Ward had priesthood meeting for the men (and young men age 12 and up) at 7:30 am, and for everyone Sunday School at 10:00 am, and Sacrament Meeting at 4:00 pm.  (Note that the Greenwood Village Ward had priesthood at 8:00 am and Sacrament Meeting at 6:00 pm!)

And, Primary was held on a separate day entirely – – 4:30 pm on Thursday.  And, of course, for high school students, our ward had early morning seminary Monday through Friday at 6:00 am.

By 1974 our ward met in a  building on Ridge Road in Littleton, about a five-minute drive from our home.  In earlier years, we would have had a similar meeting schedule to the one we had for 1974, but the drive from our home to the Tufts Building in Englewood was probably aboutt fifteen to twenty minutes each way.

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