Croquet in the movies

Croquet in the movies.

Very important topic!

Excerpt (preamble to a detailed analysis of croquet in film): Croquet is never more than a minor supporting presence in television and movies, a facile visual metaphor for idle gentility, imperial arrogance, and classist excess. In other words, the movies precisely mirror croquet’s public image as trivial, old-fashioned, and more than a little weird. If a “serious” player of the sport were anywhere to be found in films, the male would fall somewhere in the spectrum between loathsome and ridiculous, and the female…the imagination fails. Our under-appreciated sport and our playing champions cry out for honest treatment in the movies. Why shouldn’t the romance of croquet be celebrated in movies like Field of Dreams and Chariots of Fire? Why shouldn’t our croquet-playing leading man aspire to greatness with the passion of MacEnroe, the boldness of Tiger Woods, the courage under fire of Lou Gehrig, the sheer glamour of Joe DiMaggio? Is that too much to ask of Hollywood? Yep, way too much. But if there’s an independent filmmaker out there willing to champion our cause, James Hawkins has begun the compilation of the material we must rise above

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