Deeply sad about Elder Perry

Deeply sad about Elder Perry.

One of my favorite memories of Elder L. Tom Perry is from my years at BYU.

One fall, probably during my freshman year, Elder Perry was actually leading a discussion in a Saturday afternoon priesthood leadership meeting of a stake conference.  The meeting was held in a large room on the second floor of the Wilkinson Center.  Elder Perry used a large chalkboard at the front of the room to facilitate the discussion.

The afternoon of that meeting the BYU football team was playing an away game somewhere.  Elder Perry expressed his strong interest in the team, and in the game being played that day.  Accordingly, he reserved part of the chalkboard to serve as the scoreboard for the game, and tasked one young man with signaling him from the back door of the room each time a team scored.  Each time the young man appeared at the back door Elder Perry took a moment from the discussion to earnestly update his scoreboard.

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