Can you identify this LDS Church history site in Missouri? (Updated)


This is a picture from a family vacation.  In 1970 my family lived in Colorado,  That summer we drove east and visited numerous historic sites of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, such as Liberty Jail, Nauvoo, and Carthage Jail.  I am attempting to write descriptions for photos or slides taken during that trip.  I am unable to identify the site depicted in this picture.  Please let me know if you are able to identify it.  For some context, shortly after visiting this site we visited the temple lot in Independence, Missouri.  Thanks for taking time to read this!

Update (20150201)

I just discovered that this picture is from the Eisenhower presidential library and museum in Abilene, Kansas.  In my original posted I had not mentioned that the picture prior to this one was taken there.  Today I noticed that another picture taken at the same site as the above photo revealed what appeared to be a cemetery in the background, a picture taken just after this one had a chapel, and I concluded that the pictures may have been taken as the presidential library.  A Google images search of “Eisenhower presidential chapel” as well as the place where the five monoliths appear.  It turns out that there is no cemetery by the museum, but the aerial photo at the following link confirms my conclusions:


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