An All-Time Favorite Thanksgiving Day Memory

Fishin’ and Wishin’ | The Greg Jones Blog.

As I was reflecting on some Thanksgiving Day memories, this one, copied from the above blogpost, is still one of the best:

My younger brother Doug has, at times, demonstrated somewhat of a penchant for calling in to talk radio shows. One afternoon, when we were in high school, I found him on the phone in a lengthy, leisurely, on-air exchange with Donnie Walsh, then head coach of the Denver Nuggets, and since then a long-time executive for the Indiana Pacers of the NBA. On another occasion, a Thanksgiving afternoon, with some insidious prompting from me, using a disguised voice, Doug called Alan Berg’s show for a rules-breaking, second-call-in-one-day conversation. As the second, feeble-voiced caller, Doug offered support for an earlier, youthful caller (i.e., Doug) that had criticized the Denver Broncos’ defense for contributing to a loss to the Detroit Lions. When the abrasive Berg had surprisingly reached the point of agreeing without being disagreeable, Doug revealed his true identity, Berg became furious, and then directed his staff to ban Doug from the show. (Some years later Berg died tragically – – white supremacists gunned him down in the driveway of his Denver home. Berg had conducted numerous talk shows denouncing the views of racist groups, and at one point even had an on-air confrontation with David Duke, then Grand Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, later a representative in the Louisiana legislature. My father, sister, and I had actually met Berg on one occasion after my sister spotted him exiting his car at the Cinderella City shopping mall in Englewood.)

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