“Customers first. Employees second. Shareholders third.” (Updated)

Reflecting on my career this morning, this set of priorities that Ray Noorda followed in his leadership was one of best, and most motivating things, about my early years at Novell.

Update (20151023)

Well, this is more than embarrassing.

One of my colleagues from my Novell days posted a comment. This post (formerly titled “Employees first. Customers second. Shareholders third.”) was entirely correct except for a minor problem of order. My friend’s kind correction is confirmed by this quote from an article: “The motto at Novell is customers first, employees second and shareholders third, and that seems to be what this transaction is all about.” (http://www.nytimes.com/1994/03/24/business/novell-acquisitions-hinge-on-stock-price-fluctuation.html)

It is  possible to still say that one of the things I liked best about Ray was the priorities he set?

2 Responses to ““Customers first. Employees second. Shareholders third.” (Updated)”

  1. Deb (Your Favorite Editor) Tokarewich Says:

    Dude…you’re remembering it wrong. It was “Customers first. Employees second. Shareholders third.” The Technical Publications department was all about the customer/enduser, so we were 1000% behind this set of priorities, which is why I know I’m remembering it right 🙂 Uncle Ray was the best!

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