Family: USAF Advanced Survival Training School (Updated 2x)

My father participated in this training course in January 1960 at Stead Air Force Base in Nevada.

Today I discovered a great website with plentiful information about the program at Stead AFB.

Among other things, the website lists the major elements of the program:

Classroom Training
Traps, Snares, Tanning Hides
Combative Measures
Water Survival
Signalling & Flares
Border Obstacles
Parachute Ground Training
Interrogation Techniques
Resistance to Interrogation
Poisonous Snakes
Orientation Trek
Mountain Climbing
Arctic Training
Desert Training
Rivers & Rafting
Field Teaching Techniques
Escape & Evasion
Rock Climbing & Navigation
Evaluation Trek (Long Walk)
Medical School
Counter-Insurgencey ( COIN )

Update (20140112)

After talking to my parents, I changed the date from 1959 to January 1960.

Update (20141228)

I am greatly disappointed that the website to which I linked, above, is down now.  I should have made a personal copy of its contents. I did find a wikipedia article on Stead, but it cannot compare to what was on that website.

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