Family: Milk Nickel (Updated)

My mother has fond memories of this ice cream bar from her childhood days. I obtained these images from Google images.

Update (20161006)

The biography of Truman Madsen, “The Truman G. Madsen Story,” includes this anecdote about when he first met his future wife:

First Encounter.  It was 1950. They were both at the University of Utah. He was in graduate school, and she was an undergraduate. “At a series of dances in the old Institute Building west of campus,” Truman wrote, “I noticed a girl who had apparently been a friend of several of my returned missionary friends: Richard Harris, Neal Maxwell, and, at a distance, Oscar McConkie, Jr.”

“I cornered her one day in the old University of Utah Annex, forced her into cutting a class, and we began our relationship by eating together a `milk nickel'” (a chocolate-covered ice cream bar). He learned her name was Gene Ann Nicholls.

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