The Helaman Halls Pillow Fight of 1987: “one of the most notorious near-riots in [BYU’s] history”? (Updated)

The quote appearing in the title of this blogpost actually comes from a 1992 Deseret News article, quoted below.  For any of you who attended BYU, or have followed the BYU community over the years, would you agree that the 1987 Helaman Halls pillow fight is “one of the most notorious near-riots in the university’s history?”  Was it,  in fact, not a near-riot at all, but an actual riot?  And, if it was a near-riot, is it one of the most notorious near-riots in BYU history, or are their actually many other near-riots that are more notorious?

Well, back to what led me to that quote.

Somehow this evening I ended up taking a look at the website for BYU’s student newspaper. This brought back memories, all the pranks in the dorms my freshman year, and all the pranks I’d read about after I moved off campus.

Excerpt accessed from the website today:

July 12- A small white vehicle was reported pulling a skateboarder near 12 a.m. in lot 45. An officer was dispatched and there was no one there when she arrived.

July 15- A large group of students was reported being noisy near Heritage Halls at 1:30 a.m. There were 40-50 people in swimsuits. They had constructed a makeshift slip ‘n slide and were in the process of taking it down when the officer arrived. The officer arrived and asked them to disperse.

Police Beat: Falling scooter causes damage | The Universe.

Excerpt from article about  incidents of 1987 and 1992:

More than 500 BYU students restaged one of the most notorious near-riots in the university’s history, beginning with a small pillow fight at Helaman Halls that eventually culminated near Cougar Stadium. In 1987, similar numbers turned out for a similar incident.”Well, something like it happened about five years ago, and evidently there was a desire by some individuals to re-create that scene,” said Brent Harker, associate director of public communications at BYU.


Update (20120815)

Reworked the title, opening paragraph, and dropped the last paragraph.

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