“There Is A Law,” Harry J. Haldeman, Clark Memorandum, Spring 2010, pp. 32-33 (Updated)

This evening I happened upon the edition of the Clark Memorandum from last Spring, and somehow turned to the story cited above.  Inspiring and powerful.

Above the title this text appears: The following excerpt is from Harry J. Haldeman, “Talk of the Month: `There Is a Law,'” New Era, July1975, 16 – 19.

Below the title this text appears:  At a Young Adult area conference held on Catalina Island, the Santa Barbara Region delegates were assigned to meet in the courtroom of city hall for one session of the conference.  At the end of the session, Brother Harry J. Haldeman, priesthood leader of the region’s Young Adult program, stood at the judge’s bench and addressed the hushed courtroom.  This is the story he told.

To read the article click here and go to page 32:  “There Is A Law,” Harry J. Haldeman, Clark Memorandum, Spring 2010, pp. 32-33.

Update (20110209)

If anyone has trouble finding the article, I’d point out that if you download the Clark Memorandum magazine, page 32 will appear as the page number on the image of the article in the PDF file you download – – focus on that rather than a page number count displayed at the top of the screen.

3 Responses to ““There Is A Law,” Harry J. Haldeman, Clark Memorandum, Spring 2010, pp. 32-33 (Updated)”

  1. Ryanan Haldeman Says:

    Thanks for sharing the article again. Harry Haldeman was my grandfather and I love this story, originally published in the July 1975 Improvement Era (I believe).

  2. Paul Haldeman Says:

    I am Paul Haldeman, youngest child of Harry J Haldeman. I remember opening my box of supplies in the mission field delivered by our zone leader. Inside was the July 1975 New Era. When I saw and read the story told by my father I was amazed that it was the first time I heard the story. Later I met a retired police officer from the same ward as Bob in the story. He too could hardly speak of the experience, which happened while he was in the ward, without tearing up. I kept the New Era story and used it many times in classes and talks.

    Then about 2010 my son, Ryan, was dating a girl who was a secretary at the J. Ruben Clark law school. I told my son about the story which he then passed on to the secretary – they were so pleased to discover it and in perfect timing to use in the Clark Memorandum.

    What an honor for our family, my father who passed away in 1986 and for the legacy of J. Ruben Clark.

    Paul Haldeman, South Jordan, UT

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