Conferencia General Anual Nº 180, abril de 2010

Each morning, on the way to work, I listen to talks from the most recent General Conference of the LDS Church.  A few days ago it occurred to me that I could kill two birds with one stone by listening to the talks in Spanish, especially now that I have heard each talk several times in English since last April – – I can both get the  benefit of the message and can work on my Spanish language skills.  So, yesterday I downloaded the talks to iTunes on my computer, and then to my iPod Touch.

This morning I was impressed that President Julie B. Beck, General Relief Society President, actually made a recording of her talk in Spanish – – I did not listen to an interpreter’s voice, but to her voice (click “…y sobre las siervas derramaré mi Espíritu en aquellos días” to listen).  I carefully  listened to her pronunciation, and believe that while she does not sound like a native speaker, she did much better than I would.  And I am sure the Spanish-speaking members appreciated the special effort she made to connect.

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