The Barber of Seinfeld

Just finished watching, yet again, an outstanding episode of Seinfeld.  Italian barbers whose favorite film is “Edward Scissorhands.”  Jerry’s succumbing to temptation to switch from his longtime commitment to one of the barbers for the superior skills of the other.  George Costanza showing up for a job  when he’s not sure he’s even been hired, where he is given the Pensky file, and a chance to show he’s Pensky material.  Elaine resorting to entering Kramer in an auction for a date with a bachelor.  Music from the “Barber of Seville” throughout.  Pinnacle!

The Barber
30 mins.

Jerry wants to switch barbers without hurting anyone’s feelings; George goes to work, but was he hired? Gino: David Ciminello. Enzo: Antony Ponzini. Tuttle: Jack Shearer. Pensky: Michael Fairman. Newman: Wayne Knight.

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