General Temple Patron Assistance Fund

Tonight I read an article in the July 2010 edition of the Liahona magazine of the LDS Church.  In the article, titled “Getting to the Temple,” a widow in Cambodia tells of her desire to travel to the LDS temple in Hong Kong to be sealed to her deceased husband, how after struggling to come up with the money it was stolen by thieves, but how she later made it to the temple with support from the General Temple Patron Assistance Fund.  I’d never heard of that fund, but I believe anyone can contribute to it.  Here is the page describing the fund and how to make donations – –

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    […] for demonstrating to fellow lawyers the habit of living ethically, John Wooden, Manute Bol, LDS members who sacrifice to travel to temples, Steve Rife (who is a great father) and his “brother” Rich Jensen (who runs an […]

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