The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Updated)

I’ll take these in reverse order.

The Ugly

Bump On Left Foot of Greg Jones, Provo, UT 5-15-10

On Saturday, May 15, 2010, at about 6 am, I was running eastbound on 1200 South in Orem, Utah, near the east-most entrance to the Gold’s Gym parking lot, when I stepped on a curb with my left foot, my left leg buckling as I collapsed to the ground.  I anxiously surveyed my injuries.  Scrape on right knee – – no problem.  Knees otherwise fine.  Left ankle and foot, which almost seemed to  have emitted a disturbing crackle during the incident – – not fine.  When I arrived home within a half hour of the incident, it was difficult to remove my left shoe.  After quickly showering and beginning to apply cold packs to the ankle and foot, I observed a huge bump protruding from the left side of my foot.  The above photo does not actually do it justice.  The sight of this sent me hobbling in the direction of the ER at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

The Bad

I’ve been down this path before, and knew that when I injured my right foot it took months to get is properly diagnosed, further months to recapture the running fitness I had before the injury, and that my right foot is still weaker than my left one.  When I walked into Gold’s Gym after the fall, the top, left side, and bottom of the foot felt weak, painful, unstable, strange.  After my visit with staff at the HR, and having X-Rays taken, the possibility of a torn ligament could not be eliminated.  My numerous plans for the day had to be scrapped.

The Good

Notwithstanding the ugly and bad, there was also some good.

After my fall outside of Gold’s Gym, I limped into the gym, wondering how I’d make it home (about 1 1/2 miles away).  I saw a woman exiting the gym and walking to her car, but dismissed the idea of asking her for a ride – – I wouldn’t recommend she give a ride home to a complete stranger.  In  the end I positioned myself at the exit to the gym, which is not burgeoning with customers at 6:20 on a Saturday morning, an within a few minutes a man began making his way toward the exit, having finished up his work out.  I explained my situation, and he kindly agreed to drive me home.

At the ER, after checking in and meeting with the triage nurse, I got wheeled around in either a wheel chair or a hospital bad.  And, the ER nurses, intake personnel, doctor, and radiologists were all very nice and helpful.

While X-Rays could not eliminate the possibility of torn ligaments, they did eliminate the possibility of broken bones – – very reassuring, as there had been a few moments when it felt as though my left foot was crunching in places any time I attempted to walk on it.

The past experience with my right foot injury taught me the importance of early diagnosis and treatment, so hopefully the recovery will be faster this time.  I spent most of Saturday with cold on my left foot and ankle.

I was able to get some things done in my home, and see a few films, including “Ghost Town” and a film recommended at a recent lecture, “The Blue Kite.”

There are good resources available to help recovery, such as online articles or sports medicine specialists.

It’s always nice to leave your hospital wristband on for a while, and then wander around town a bit and let people wonder about you.

Having something to write about is good.

I may no longer have to worry about my right foot being weaker than my left foot.

I have an opportunity to pass on this handy advice – – when walking or running, if you approach a curb, remember to place your foot on a flat surface instead of on the edge of the curb.

Update (5-17-10)

Tweet from a co-worker in Germany posted about 3 hours ago:

c_farrell rain stopped play 😦 and I busted my ankle on the side of a kerb. Hopefully will be ok tomorrow.

5 Responses to “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Updated)”

  1. Sankar Says:

    Sorry to hear that. I’ll pray for you to get well soon.

  2. gregjonesorg Says:


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