the dullest blog in the world

I learned of a blog titled “the dullest blog in the world” from a recent edition of The Economist.  The blog is fascinatingly dull, and as such is a direct competitor to The Greg Jones Blog.  Here is the post cited in The Economist:

* * * post * * *

Straightening the doormat

February 7th, 2010

I noticed that the doormat was at a slightly crooked angle.  I reached down and moved the mat back into its correct place. The edge of the mat was then perpendicular to the door.

* * * end of post * * *

Dave Walker, the responsible blogger, does not post that frequently, but I could imagine that fits into his entire theme.  Titles of other posts include:  “Making a note of something,” “Closing a window,” “Turning on the computer,” “Tidying some pencils,” and “Opening a cupboard door.”  You now have an almost irresistible urge to check out that blog, don’t you?  Go ahead.  Click here.

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