In my role as scoutmaster in the Troop 797, affiliated with the Grandview Nnth Ward of the LDS Church, I recently attended a Sunrise Service held at 6:30 am at the Fort Union District Camporee.  The service took place in an outdoor chapel at Camp Maple Dell in Payson Canyon.  One speaker shared a thought which impressed me:

“There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do.”

The quote was not original to the speaker, but is attributed to Freya Stark.  In fact, I had no idea who Freya Stark is.  Do you know?  She is an interesting woman, you may want to take a moment to read a brief bio.  While Stark’s thought resonates with me, there is great value in it, I realize there are times when what we believe may not be accurate or true, that we need to be receptive to correction and teaching, that if we act according to a misunderstanding or a belief in something that is not correct happiness may evade us still.  It seems Stark’s thought implicates a teaching of Socrates:

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”

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