The Best Story from Sunday (9-20-09)

Tonight I attended a single adult fireside in Orem, Utah.  The speaker told of a tragedy that occurred about a year ago at Bear Lake.  The incident was reported in the Deseret Morning News:  “Idaho State Police said an Orem woman died Friday night at Ogden’s McKay-Dee Hospital after being run over by a truck driven by her daughter on a Bear Lake beach earlier in the day.  Michele Pereira was one of five family members injured when her daughter, 25-year-old Melissa Peterson, also from Orem, accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake of her truck while backing-up to an awning at a North Shore beach camping site, near St. Charles, Idaho.”  Also injured were the driver’s 1-year-old daughter as well as her two sisters and father.  The speaker at the fireside knows the father, Carlos.  Even though he was injured in the accident, after the accident he digged for one hour in an attempt to remove his mortally wounded wife from the accident scene.  He held his wife in his arms before she was flown to the hospital, and she told him she believed she would die.  Tonight’s speaker sees Carlos, at the same time each day, at his wife’s grave honoring her.  The speaker told of conversing with Carlos, asking how he is doing.  Carlos said he had a choice, the choice was to hate or to exercise faith, and he chose the latter.  Though he had not done so before, he now attends the LDS Temple weekly.  He is finding peace through the choices he is making to deal with his tragedy.

NOTE:  If this entry has concepts or terminology you do not understand, you may find explanations at [intended primarily for those who are learning basic principles about the LDS Church], at [the official website of the LDS Church that includes basic information as well as more advanced materials for members of the LDS Church], or from me directly by posting a comment.

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